Since 1988, I have coordinated  the work of Politecnico di Milano in 21 EC funded projects (INDOC, SUPERDOC, MINERVA, HYTEA, HYPERTOUR, SITMOON, UWA, OPENDRAMA, VNET5, HELP, MINERVA, TELL, ADAPT, ELEN, EDUCOMICS, MAPS, EIT Street-smart Retail, EIT 3cixty. EIT CAB, EIT PLET, EIT TWB)

I have been Project Coordinator of  3 EC funded projects concerning interactive technology for disability:

  • M4ALL (Motion-based adaptable playful learning experiences for children with motor and mental disabilities) – EC Long Life Learning KA3-ICT Program – 2012 -2014; acknowledged as “Success Story Project” by the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission;
  • EIT 2013 PLC “Playful Learning on the Cloud” – Action Line Smart Spaces – EC Program EIT ICT Lab 2013;
  • EIT 2015 P3S: “Playful Supervised Smart Spaces” Activity 15257 – Action Line Smart Spaces – EC Program EIT Digital 2015; Finalist in the European Competition “EIT Innovators Awards 2016”.

I have coordinated 4 Italian Projects: “Bodily Interaction on the cloud for Remote Therapy of Motor and Intellectual Disability (IBM Faculty Award 2013), ““SACRE-Socially Assistive Cognitive Robotics for the Elderly” (IBM Faculty Award 2016), ”Multichannel gestural and robotic interaction to support therapy and education of autistic children” (POLISOCIAL Award 2013) and LUDOMI (POLISOCIAL AWARD 2017).

Details on the most recent projects can be found in the I3Lab Web Site